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The Hungarian Craftsmen

I'm a little bit biased being 1/2 Hungarian and 1/2 Irish in rl (only grew up American) but I feel that the Magyars, the ones having grown up in Hungary, are some of the best craftsmen and creators in SL. In a previous blog I mentioned Jenne Dibou and I can say that what she did in Oz is only the tip of the iceberg of what she has done and can do, she's truly amazing.

This blog though is about two other Hungarian creators, Oriolus Oliva and n0th1ing Ackland. They too call Hungary their home and although they have different styles, they compliment each other so well that they share a sim called Verdigris.

I first met them in 2006 when I was still very new to SL, in fact we were all newbies then. Loki and I were renting some land on Valuta and one day I was working and Oriolus wandered in. He had no land at the time and we gave him a little yurt that he set up a tiny shop in. We became very good friends. Soon after we decided that we wanted a little Eastern European village so we set about trying to create one in the small amount of mainland that we were renting. Oriolus helped us so much in building it. During that time Oriolus introduced us to some of his Hungarian friends, two of them were n0th1ng and Jenne, who at the time shared and rented a very small shop from us. We were all just getting started in SL as creators then. Unfortunately we didn't understand the whole money thing very well at that time and Loki & I had to give up the land. It was heartbreaking as we all loved that little village we called Mehala.

I don't know how much later it was ... but Oriolus and n0th1ng got land and created a little Hungarian harbour together. It looked a bit different a year ago, they have since remodeled it but luckily they preserved their prior work with this YouTube video.

They have divided Verdigris so that Oriolus has part of it and n0th1ng has another part ... although they blend seamlessly together and it's difficult to tell where one person's stops and the other's starts. I don't need to say a lot here, most is self explanitory, such amazing talent and true craftsmenship, not to mention imagination.

On top of his amazing bridge are several shops that he rents out to merchants. I have one there too, this is mine pictured below. I think it's really cute!

Oriolus just has so much imagination and combined with his skill he is able to create things so different than anything else in Second Life. You can definitely see his Eastern European roots in his designs though, perhaps that is what makes it unique and allows something this grand to have a 'homey' quaint feeling.

Oriolus has a little shop here of his own too, The Golden Oriole, where he displays some of his smaller items and has picture vendors of many of his buildings for sale. He has a lot of new trinkets that he's just created over the last couple of weeks, I've had a sneak preview and I have to say they are exceptional.

Across the water (but one can travel there via bridge) is n0th1ng's area with its weathered and distressed buildings showing the results of time. His area definately has a twist of humor with it as well.

There is an old decaying chapel on top of the hill, you can see it in the background above but I just had to get a closer look though the window.

He also has stores on his land for merchants to rent but the large building below is n0th1ng's own store, Dirty Rat, if you haven't been there yet you are in for a treat!

So back to the point of this blog... imo I think the Hungarian builders are amazing, I don't know what it is, what could be the reason for it? Their attention to the smallest detail is unsurpassed, they just don't put out 'junk'. They can take a simple prim and turn it into stone or wood that appears to have existed for hundreds or even thousands of years. Although... I've seen some of Oriolus's other creations that most of us have not seen. He works for a company out of Italy creating sims, all of them are modern designs. He's even built SL's largest stadium, at least it was at the time, not sure if it is still the largest though. It's hard to believe someone can be that versatile.... but I suppose a true craftsman can create in any genre. I doubt that very many builders, myself included, could do better at texturing and slinging prims than the Hungarians. I still scratch my head though... why, what is it? It can't be a coincindence, can it?

@ Aug 30, 2009

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