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Beach Party at Victoriana

Last Saturday The Nation of Victoriana was host to a really fun beach party that took place on Victoriana Harbour. The party ushers out summer and has become an annual event. I took some photos and several people were generous enough to share their own photos with me as well. Thanks to Davey McDowwll, Alexus Garnet & Panacea Luminos for their contributions! Unfortunately I just am not able to post all of them as there were quite a lot of photos given to me.

What a great time this was and a great mix of people too :)

Mayor Lindsay 'gets down' in what doesn't seem to be a Victorian dance, but he's looking good! Nice Hat Duck.

Rusty Verne shows off his headstand

The Mayor and DixieCarolina Sorbet appear to have picked out beachwear to match

Panacea Luminos and I model our Nix Sands Bathing Suits

The music was great and the dances were quite entertaining to say the least!

Peaches Lartell is looking so cute in her swimwear

Davey McDowwll is in desperate need of a shave

@ Oct 6, 2009

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