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Gulliver at Burning Life

I went back to Burning Life again this evening and took some photos of this great exhibit, it's called "Caught" and is created by Ub Yifu. Here is what the notecard says:

Gulliver's travel scene from  Ub Yifu and  Copan Falta
Audio streaming by Reverend Upshaw

This build was started the 20 september 2009.
Thema for BL09 is Evolution.

I wanted to do that famous scene from gulliver's travel since a long time but never had enough place nor prims to do it. So thx to BL i did it but i had to stay close to the thema so i decided to do the liliputians in animals.
In the future (or the past) animals will become civilized and smart and build their own civilization. But they found that huge man on a shore and seems to behave just like humans. We could have expect a wiser civilization built by animal spirits but they are just like humans....Greedy, aggressive and armed.

I add some red balls to interact a bit with the installation.

Audio streaming is the chapter 1 from gulliver's book about the capture.

I wanted to give an idea of the scale so I stood in a this photo and in the one at the very bottom of this post. There is so much going on in this exhibit, the details is quite amazing.

@ Oct 23, 2009

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