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Edit: It's done! I was up all night and now I must sleep but Here it is. It's the non physical scripts, still waiting on the others but I so wanted to release it.

Finished vendor picture:

I'm anxiously awaiting the finalizing of the scripts for my new flying machine. It was my goal to have it out before Christmas but I'm not sure I'm going to meet that. I had also hoped that scripts could be written that weren't the non physical scripts that I normally use, scripts that allow for an object that is over the 30 something prim limit to cross sims. It involves master and slave scripts and the owner wears the object with the master scripts in it while the passengers hop in to the other part (that is less than the 30 something prims that can cross sims), they stay together as one because of the master slave script thing... (all way above my head). Anyway, my scripter doesn't have that worked out yet so I'm going to release this within the next day or two with the non physical scripts, these are the ones that allow you to fly through buildings and such. When my scripter gets it worked out I will give updates with the new version and I'll package it with both types.

It's steampowered with a horn, lighting lamp, seating for 4 passengers and has 6 propellers, 3 on each side. I'm quite excited to get this off the ground. There is a dining table in the middle too, you can't really see it in this photo but it has a bottle of wine and a newspaper :)

@ Dec 22, 2009

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