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Decision about Copycats

Over the last 3 weeks it seems I've been inundated with news about copycats (I used this term because not all of them use copybot). Most of my knowledge about the copying of my work comes from my customers who recognize my work, and I am grateful to them for this.

I've come to the decision that it is not time effective for me to file a dmca on everything. It took me two entire days to take photos and write just one, it has still not been sent in because of the hassel of finding a place to fax from in this tiny town I call home.

My decision is this, I am not going to file dmca's if someone copies my work and keeps it for their own personal use, I just can't chase all of these down. Even though it angers me when I see my work retextured with another person's name on it as creator, if they are not selling it or giving it away to other avatars I'm going to let it ride. I will however file dmca's if my work is side by side copied or copybotted and the end result is given or sold to other avatars. I just had to come up with some criteria as copying has gotten really out of hand in SL lately and I would spend most of every day focused on this, and I don't want to spend that much time on it. I want to build.

What disheartens me is when I see well known Second Life merchants and creators copying my work (some to use for their own stores) when I KNOW they are quite capable of creating the work themselves. I just have to sort of scratch my head and say, "why?" Personally I would not feel an ounce of pride if I did this, and I like feeling proud of my work.

At any rate, the above is my new criteria, if it's not for sale or given away I'm going to ignore it, if it's sold or has found it's way into the hands of another avatar I will investigate it and see if I have grounds to file a dmca.

That said... I'm done thinking about this for awhile, it's such a waste of time, energy and happiness. It's nearly Christmas and I want to get on with my life and think about things that make me feel good, plus I have two new houses I really need to finish!


@ Dec 16, 2009

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