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Oversized Prims and Houses

I don't like to use oversized prims in houses for one major reason, it limits the buyers ability to customize with textures.

If you have a prim that serves as a first and second story or a prim that covers the whole downstairs floor this limits texturing for both me and for the customer. If I want the wallpaper or flooring to be different in every room I need to stick to normal prim sizes. As a builder I could do some tricky texturing, putting the upstairs wallpaper on the top of the texture and the downstairs on the bottom etc... but, since my houses are modify for the buyer, they most likely would be using commercially sold textures so they'd have a mess if they tried to just drop a regular texture on the walls. I think I'd be getting a lot of IM's from unhappy people if I used oversized prims for walls and floors (that go beyond a single room) so I don't. :) Perhaps in modern houses or houses where every room could be textured the same, possibly an adobe etc... oversized prims are okay. But they are not okay in houses where it's desirable to have each room textured a bit differently.

This said, my houses may have a few more prims than some others on the market but I think I've built them in a way that the average buyer can easily change wallpapers, flooring and ceilings to suit their needs.

@ Dec 15, 2009

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