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Revision in Process on the Hexaprop

Update is now complete, if you didn't get your update please IM me and I'll be happy to send it out. As it is now it has an auto update script in it so that you should get them from now on 'automatically' :)

It's come to my attention that the scripts are not working quite the same for others on the Hexaprop as they are for me. My scripter is now in the process of trying to determine why the notecard isn't reading when the new owners sit on it to drive it. The mystery is that it's working just fine for me. At any rate, I'll be sending out the replacements when we get the glitch worked out. Right now it's still in the "we don't know what is causing this" phase but she's working on it now. Sorry if you were one of the ones that it borked on.


@ Dec 28, 2009

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