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The Victorian Ladies' Society Christmas Ball

The Victorian Ladies' Society is proud to invite you to their Annual Christmas Fundraiser Ball.

The SIM will be open for Ice Skating and other outdoor activities but at 3PM we are proud to announce that Radio Riel will be joining us to kick off our ball.

At 4pm we will announce Miss Christmas!!

Miss Koshari Mahana has donated the house we are using for the venue in a raffle for this benefit.

Live performance by Tayra Torricelli!

And MUCH MORE!! You don't want to miss this!!  

Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 3pm SLT


Four Winds is committed to helping those on the autism spectrum and their families in real life, not just Second Life. As you know we've raised a lot of money since last spring to aid in making the lives of those with autism and their families better, most time these people have no names and no faces to us, yet we help anyway. That said, we have an opportunity this holiday to help a family out, that is  not nameless to us, it's a person (family) that many of us know and is accessible to all of us. Below you will find the details about the upcoming Victorian Ladies Society Ball and what the fund raising is for.

Written by Tayra Torricelli
"If any of you knew her [Maiya Writer] as I do, you’d know she is a hard-working single mom, just recently married after a lot of strife, and [does] not work a regular full time job [she works as an independent contractor at home and only receives limited hours of work 10-15 hrs a week] while she cares for her autistic 8 year old son, which is why she can barely afford her own apartment at the moment. I don’t normally bring RL into SL but this is for an RL cause and the cause is a good one, it is a cry for help and desperation. She has a husband and for the first time a real house and home waiting for her in England, and her dream is to spend Christmas there as a family. We are all suffering in this year’s economic situation, and things are just horrid but if we can raise together enough money for someone to be with their family that is not only a Christmas gift but for Mrs. Writer- Recreant a Christmas Miracle."

"For those who are coming to the ball you will be welcomed warmly among family and friends to have a lovely time celebrating holiday cheer. I wish to all of you a lovely Holiday Season."

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Tayra Torricelli-Overland

Maiya Writer and her husband were first married in SL then married in Real Life although he is living in England and she is living in the US, taking care of her 8 year old son with autism. That said ... Let's rally the troops and help out this family in need. Let's help one story have a happily ever after ending. :)

Koshari Mahana

@ Dec 10, 2009

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