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Home Sweet Home

I have finally finished my yellow Victorian house and named it Home Sweet Home. It's reminiscent of houses in my area of the midwest U.S., however... having traveled around the country I've seen similar houses from the east coast to the west coast. This home beckons to sit with friends or family on the porch for a cold glass of lemonade. After such a long cold winter it was nice to work on a house that reminds me of sunshine and warm days. You can see this home at Four Winds. I hope you like it, I really enjoyed making it and it has a whole different 'feel' from anything I've created so far.

It has a full attic, teleports, a shed that can be detached if you want a smaller footprint, 2 porches, 2 balconies, a widows watch and lots of lots of gingerbread. If you are or become a member of Four Winds - Four Directions you can purchase this or any of my other houses out of the member vendors and receive a 20% discount when wearing your tag. Both the group invite and the group vendors are inside the brick walled area at Four Winds Victorian.

@ Jan 18, 2010

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