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I have some exciting news! Four Winds has expanded into Inworldz. We will still continue to be in Second Life as it's our main grid, but I've purchased a sim in Inworldz and have been busy transporting some of my things to that grid as well!

I've started with some of the Victorian and Historic Homes and Shoppes, some of my furniture and Misc other things. I will finish with the Historic, then do the Rustic, then the Fantasy and Medieval. It takes a long time and a lot of work because scripts have to be removed and put in again there. Also the scripts are not as fancy there yet, some had to be simplified a bit.

For all of you that loved Victoriana, you will be happy to hear that LittleBlackDuck has recreated it there! He has 6 sims already and I believe he will be adding more.

Communities are popping up very fast in Inworldz, primarily because from now until Sept 1 there is no set up cost AT ALL! Free! We only pay 75,00$ USD for full prim sims, only... their sims are not 15000 prims, they are 44000 prims (hope that's accurate). Yes, you heard me correctly :) It's adviced though to use around 20000 so as to keep lag down.

Things are fresh and new and exciting there, it's happening so fast too. They are still in Beta so there are work arounds for some things, but for the price you sure can't beat it!


Now, I need to offer my SL customers a deal there. If you own one of my buildings in SL that I also have available in Inworldz, you can acquire it there for 1/2 price if you can show me that you own in here (ie, a snapshot or some other proof as I don't remember who owns what builds) Already my prices there are about 1/2 what they are here because things are generally less expensive there. (the exchange rate is 1$L = 2$Iz) So if something were valued at $10.00 USD here, you could replace your build from Four Winds in inworldz for $2.50 USD. Unfortunately I can't give them for free because it takes so much time and effort to transfer them over, rescript and rebox them. I will do the discount from prior owners via rebate.

The SLURL to my sim in Inworldz is:
-or- Four Winds 64, 64, 23

My Name is Koshari Mahana there too, please if you come in, add me as a friend and I'll send you a group invite. :) I have a few freebies out there too.

The SLURL to Victoriana in Inworldz is:
-or- Victoriana Square 128, 83, 34

Again, I'm not going anywhere, Second Life is still my number one home :) I am just expanding into other worldz! Hope to see you there!


@ Aug 1, 2010

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