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The Time Traveller - Machinima by Celestial Elf

Many thanks to Celestial Elf for creating such a magnificent film! I will be forever grateful :)

The Time Machine is a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, published in 1895. The book is based on the Block Theory of the Universe, which is a notion that time is a fourth space dimension.

In this version, the Time Traveller is an English scientist and gentleman inventor Professor Dudley who explains his remarkable device to his doubtful friend Filby at his laboratory.
Professor Dudley then sets about proving the matter with a journey that takes them both across the Four Winds, past a Celtic Village, to an Ancient Tree House, where they encounter elven residents of an earlier time.
They continue, past a mermaid lagoon, the mysterious hanging sky gardens, through an eastern bazar and turkish region, whilst a minoan temple gracefull floats by.
Onward they witness a native american dumming ritual before they return to the laboratory at the very minute in which they had departed.

Space and Time then have been proven relatively Virtual, so the Professor goes on to make further expeditions wwhich he later sends in manuscript form to the famous H.G.Wells for publication.

Grateful Thanks to Koshai Mahana for use of the Four Winds sims.
As Professor Dudley, the Time Traveller, freesky Republic,
As Filby, Cisko Vandeverre,
As The Housemaid, Koshari Mahana,
As The Mermaid, Daisy Batistuta,
As The Elves;
Anna May, Lord Lisle, Steadman Kondor,
As The Native American's;
Alwin Schlag, Annabelle Khun, Benno Sands, Darlin Denfu, Futzi Miles, Liz Sands.

All structures and items shown in film avaliable via Koshari Mahana of Four Winds, Second Life® and InWorldz®.
Four Winds SLurl here

Original Screenplay narrative via
Radio Theatre Group's production of the HG Wells classic The Time Machine
Licenced under Public Domain attribution for useage

Copyright free Music via;
Kevin McLeod of Incompetech.com
1, Achaidh Cheide
2, Atlantean Twilight
3, Eastern Thoughts
4, Frozen Star
5, Ibn Al-Noor
6, Old Road
7, Sapphire Island,
8, Tenebrous Carnival, Mermaid
9, Ujangong Mix
Also Native American song and Drum plus misc sounds and efects via

@ Sep 22, 2010

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