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3000$L Prize for Best Photo - Four Winds

I am trying to place a facebook ad, I had one, I thought it was pretty, facebook didn't accept it for some reason. I will pay 3000$L to the person who sends me the best photo of a Four Winds Building that has at least one avatar in it. Please see the rules that are attached. Thanks! Good Luck to all of you!

Here was the picture facebook decided I couldn't use... I don't know why though, they don't say. Maybe they don't like naked pixels or they didn't realize that the building in the photo is the product? Anyway...

Here are the rules for the photo contest:
3000$L Prize

1) Photo must have a Four Winds building in it, (home or store etc...) and at least one avatar. The photo can be interior or exterior. 

2) You must show as and be the creator of the photo

3) Submit a max of 3 photos by Wednesday July 20, 2011.

4) Email photo to Koshari9@gmail.com

5) Photo must be at least 768 x 1024

6) By submitting photo you give Koshari Mahana rights to display said photo on her blog at: http://kosharimahana.blogspot.com

7) By submitting photo and accepting 3000 Linden Dollars payment for use... you give Koshari Mahana (real life Jennifer Siri) rights to use your photo in her Four Winds facebook ad.

Please sign and send this to Koshari Mahana if you are submitting photos to be considering in the contest.
(you will need to copy/past this to a notecard if you are reading it on the blog)

Sign Here Please
Your Name: 

Email photo to Koshari9@gmail.com

@ Jul 17, 2011

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