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The Economy Stinks, so ... Second Life or InWorldz?

I am fond of Second Life because it's where I learned everything I know about virtual worlds. I would like to say that I am loyal but the bottom line has got to be dollars and cents with me. I still have 4 sims in Second Life though, 2 full and 2 homesteads. At one time I had 8 sims but gave them back because I just didn't want to spend the extra money anymore. I don't have any sims in InWorldz currently, but I rent 1/4 of a sim which is more than enough land for me due to the amazing prim count offered.

I'm in a different position than some people though, I need land only to display and sell on. If I were needing land for recreation though I would definitely choose to buy in InWorldz rather than in Second Life. Virtual land in Second Life is not the greatest investment anymore, especially if you only want a sim or two. It's become increasingly harder to resell in Second Life, as I found out first hand. I just ended up giving mine back to Lindens to save from having to pay another months tier.

To buy a full region in Second Life there is a $1000.00 set up fee (15,000 prims)
To buy a full region in InWorldz there is a $75.00 set up fee (45,000 prims)

Second Life tier is $295.00 a month
InWorldz tier is $75.00 a month (I'm pretty sure this hasn't changed)

Now that InWorldz has introduced Phlox many things that were a tad bit glitchy before - operate perfectly now. I like Second Life and I would never bad mouth it at all, but right now it seems like it's just a simple matter of economics. Many people prefer Second Life because they say there is more to do. That's true, I won't argue with that. But... there will be more to do in InWorldz as people continute to come and establish themselves here. There is no right or wrong 'world' to be in... but it seems that in this bad 'real world' economy... people would gravitate towards the virtual world with the better prices. I like InWorldz just as much as I've ever liked Second Life, but admittedly I'm not the most social person, most of my time online is working. I would love to hear from other people though. Which world do you prefer and does the price matter to you?

@ Jul 24, 2011

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