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Your Feedback on Various Virtual Worlds

I haven't done a lot of exploring yet in other virtual worlds other than Second Life and InWorldz. I just went to the website Cariama.Com because one can offer their items for sale there and they can them be used in some of the different worlds. I appears that their service will work for:

3rdRockGrid, Avination, InWorldz, Second Life,  SimWorld and UFS Grid.

I've been in, and created an avatar for Avination, and of course InWorldz and Second Life, but I haven't been in any of the others. I've never even heard of SimWorld or UFS Grid until today. I am wondering if I can get some feedback on some of the others. I assume all of these listed have economies if one can sell items on Cariama for them... however, I would also like to know a few other things.

1) Activity, are there many actual users that would make it worthwhile to offer homes, shops and furniture in that world?

2) What themes seem most popular there?

3) Do you think the grid has a good future or would it be a waste of time to upload everything there?

In addition, has anyone tried Cariama, how well does it work? Does it have good potential as an online store? Are there any others that are similar or better for this?

Thanks for your input, it's great to hear what other things before plunging into the unknown!

@ Jul 3, 2011

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